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    With their label, the twins aime to give individuals more confidence and empower them in their everyday life, helping to express themselves to the fullest. Alexandra's designs explore the codes of seduction, and the alliance of masculinity and femininity.

    Founded by Belgian twin sisters Alexandra and Ségolène Jacmin, FAÇON JACMIN is an eco-conscious wear label that combines Belgian design identity elements with denim innovation. Being a definite front runner regarding the latter, we are extremely proud to be part of the ways in which FAÇON JACMIN ensures a sustainable design practice and delve into how it managed to devour the international denim market.

    Ségolène previously worked in a strategic consulting firm, navigating in a very tough corporate world. She lacked creativity in her life, which surprised her as she envisioned a fairly rational and mathematical path for herself. Entrepreneurship had always been something she was interested in and that’s how she came up with the idea of launching something that is creative in its nature. Having no previous experience in creative fields, she noticed that she needed her sister. She studied fashion in Brussels, moved to Paris and stayed there. They had chosen two separate paths and subsequently had two fairly different lives before FAÇON JACMIN.

    It started with a mobile boutique, an old-timer with a mirror and a wardrobe. Every weekend, they drove to their permanent pitch on a square next to the Kammenstraat in Antwerp and on the market in Brussels to sell their first pieces of FAÇON JACMIN. After driving around for two or three years and building up a clientele, it was time to open their own shop. Around the corner from where the van was parked in Antwerp, there was an empty storefront, and without thinking twice the twins decided to turn it into their first shop. These days the collection is sold all over the world, including La Fayette and Samaritaine in Paris and Hyundai Department Store in Seoul.

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